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Candleberry Candle Co. Scented Room Sprays - 6 oz.

Candleberry Candle Co. Scented Room Sprays - 6 oz.

SKU: 0642897501026
No time to wait for the candle to scent the entire house?  No problem!  Candleberry's super-strong Scented Room Sprays are available in our most popular fragrances!  Pair a Candleberry Scented Room Spray with your favorite Candleberry Candle Scent.  When company is coming and you need to scent the house in a hurry, just spray a few "spritzes" in each room, light your complementing Candleberry candle and your house is ready for the party!


Frosted Blueberry Donuts: This warm, donut, bakery aroma is slightly blueberry, slightly spiced and dripping with bakeshop glaze. Filled with the fragrance of sweet confection. Candleberry has worked on this one for years and finally has a donut scent that would be perfectly at home in your favorite neighborhood bakery. If you are looking for straight blueberry or a juicy fragrance look elsewhere. This one is totally baked!


Hot Maple Toddy: We describe Hot Maple Toddy ® as the Bourbon infused maple-honey concoction Grandma used to cure all ailments, in the days before medicine was readily available. Warm spirits dashed with lemon juice, clove honey, a dash of cinnamon and Candleberry's® top secret, special ingredient that makes this an absolutely explosive fragrance unduplicatable by any company in the world, combine to make an experience of utter happiness.


Pumpkin Praline Waffles: Imagine it's a lazy weekend morning and you've just gone into the kitchen following the warm rich smells that fill the air. There's the smell of pumpkin, that rich pie smell, punctuated by sugared pecans. Together they make waffles that are waiting for the butter and the maple syrup and the start of a perfect day.

  • Safety

    Contains a high level of fragrance in comparison to common room sprays.  Do not spray directly onto surfaces and never spray onto organic tissue (skin, eyes, animals etc.).

    • Exessive use is not recommended (a little goes a long way).
    • NOT edible.
    • Diffuse short, quick sprays away from face and in an upwards direction, to allow fragrance to dispurse throughout the room.
    • Use in a well ventalated area.
    • Keep away from children.
    • Do not spray directly over surfaces that can be damaged (furniture, wood floors, plastics, painted surfaces)
    • Read all safety precautions on spray container prior to use.
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