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Irvin Hoover 2024 "the Simple Life" Wall Calendar

Irvin Hoover 2024 "the Simple Life" Wall Calendar

SKU: 0809678008550
  • Decorative Rustic Accent for the Home: Irvin Hoover brings all the vintage charm of country days gone by in this 2024 caldendar for your refridgerator. Each month's art is capitvatingly simple with still life photography that steps back in time with the use of antiques and vintage styling. Bringing to rememberance the days spent at Grandma's when life was carefree and easy, this caldendar is a must have for your home.
  • Made to include ALL Canadian and Jewish Holidays, this calendar is perfect for your wife, grandmother, or friend, or give a stylish yet practical gift for a housewarming, wedding, or Christmas.
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