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Warm Glow Hearth Candles

Warm Glow Hearth Candles


At Warm Glow they are committed to quality and customer service the old-fashioned-made-in-the-USA-way! Each Warm Glow Candle is created by hand with meticulous care by the production staff, giving the product a personal touch.


Belgian Pecan Waffles: Enjoy this spectacular candle as it fills your home with the rich aroma of fresh buttery waffles with a hint of pecan. Yum!


Blueberry Cobbler: Fresh picked blueberries, hand churned butter, flour, and sugar is what you would need to reproduce this comforting aroma. Blueberry Cobbler Hearth Candle quantity


Caramel Coffee Cake: Buttery Coffee cake with warm caramel, vanilla, sugar & cinnamon.


Homespun Harvest: The heart of this fragrance is fresh cranberries, intertwined with notes of anise, red grape, apple, winding down into notes of strawberry, raspberry and vanilla.


Honey Pear Crisp: Poached pear slices drizzled with golden honey, topped with a brown sugar and cinnamon crumble.


Northern Pine: Experience a walk in the woods with the aroma of fresh cut pine around you without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

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